Understanding British Columbia Liquor Licensing.


In British Columbia there are two main Liquor Licenses for establishments wanting to offer alcohol service to their dining patrons.

Food Service Primary (all ages friendly) - most restaurants, but not all choose to operate an all ages friendly liquor license. These are establishments more oriented towards breakfast, lunch and family food and alcohol service.

Liquor Primary (19+ with the exception of an added 'Family Minor Endorsement') - Some Premium Restaurants, most Neighbourhood Pubs & all Nightclubs operate with this licence. Some with the extra paid for endorsement, some without.

If the sign is not clearly displayed at the entrance to a 19+ operator that the minor endorsement is in effect than everyone entering the establishment must 19 years of age and older and produce two (2) pieces of approved Identification. It should be noted that the Family Endorsement can be used and not used at the discretion of the Owner/Operator. However, to be used the Family Endorsement must be clearly stated on a valid Liquor license.
— BC Liquor Control & Licensing Branch

A Court Case was recently ruled upon backing the British Columbia Liquor Industry and its licensing policies that protect the owner from any form of Human Rights Violations regarding access to an establishment. The complete article can be read here.


Currently at Local we're operating our Liquor Primary License and have added an approved Family Endorsement to that license. We may choose to NOT offer that Endorsement on certain evenings and events that we deem to be Adult only. Please check upon making reservation whether or not minors are permitted.

Thank you.

Cameron A.R. Bond - Managing Director
Local Hospitality Group Inc.