What is, or does your restaurant have a dress code?

While we do not have a formal dress code there are few basic items we do not allow for Health and Safety reasons. 

  • Appropriate Foot Wear must be worn at all times. Removal of footwear will result in refusal of service and being asked to leave the premises.

  • No exposed swim wear

  • Any clothing with an inappropriate message being displayed.

  • Parents with children not being supervised. screaming or causing an unnecessary disturbance to other dining guests will be politely and discretely asked to leave the premises.

Do you accept reservations?

We encourage reservations 100% of the time. It provides us with the opportunity to better prepare for your visit. Dining parties five (5) guest or larger must have a reservation to be seated upon arrival. This is mainly due to the many different levels in our restaurant and the table sizes in those areas. Please note in the Summer months we take reservations and patio requests, but we do not guarantee seating at any particular table or a seat on the patio.

Are Minors (under 19 years of age) allowed in your establishment?

That's a Yes & No answer. We operate a Liquor Primary License issued by the Government of British Columbia. This License is for serving Adults 19 years of age and over. In 2015 the Government made a change in Liquor Policy to allow a Minor to be able to enter a Liquor Primary establishment with a Parent or Legal Guardian during meal times and it's referred to as a Family Dining Endorsement. Minors may be permitted when this signage is displayed at the front entrance to the establishment. There are times where this sign WILL NOT be displayed, so it is always best to check if minors are allowed when making a reservation.

We are staying at the Summerland Resort & Spa. Can we charge to our room?

No you cannot charge directly to your room, Although we occupy the same physical property as per a Strata Arrangement, we are completely separate businesses. The Resort operates a Strata style property where individual owners place their units in a rental pool to earn income and the property is managed by a third party.

Our building was built on Lakeshore Drive in 1986. It originally operated as a Neighbourhood Pub, finally closing for good in 2007. In 2009 Local was created and has focused on more traditional restaurant dining. As we like to say... casual sophistication.

Are you able to make modifications to your menu for individual guests?

We work closely with our Chef to ensure that the menu items we serve are consistent with the type of cuisine we like to serve friends and family. After all this restaurant is a reflection of us. Our menu and its selection define who we are. Modifications can be made to items. However, we will not guarantee to taste and quality of any modified item from our original recipe. Depending on the type of modification there may be an additional charge involved.

Do you have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options?

Yes. However, we are not a Vegetarian or Vegan restaurant. Our servers can discuss the various options with you. Some items can be prepared Gluten Free, they may not be Celiac friendly due to the nature of our kitchen and food preparation areas. If you have a compromised immune system please notify your server of any allergies or conditions we should be made aware of.

Are you handicap accessible?

Yes. We have handicap access and tables accessible on the main and patio level. As there are numerous stairs and levels in our establishment, it is best to always plan ahead and make a reservation so that we can assure a table will be available. If there is patio seating available we have ground level access. Please check with the a Reservation specialist that will assist you on getting seated. 

Can we bring our own wine?

Yes. The wine must be a VQA wine from British Columbia. Our Corkage Fee per bottle is $20+ gst. The bottle must be presented to the server or host upon arrival for approval to be brought into our premises. Concealing alcohol and bringing it onto our property is an offence and will be dealt with accordingly.

Can we bring our own dessert?

The only dessert we allow is for Special Occasions such as a Birthday or Anniversary. There will be a cake cutting fee applied of $2.95/person. This request must be approved ahead of time.

Is there valet parking or parking close by?

We do have a large parking lot that is designated to be for Restaurant Guests only unless in a designated spot for the Spa or Resort check-in. However, some Resort guests fail to read the posted signs and take up valuable space in our parking lot; which can be quite frustrating for our diners. If this happens please let us know so that we can notify the Front Desk of the infraction.

Do you do takeout or off-sales of alcohol?

Yes. We offer a small take-out friendly menu. With our Off-Sale license we can serve Bottled Beer, Cider, Coolers & Wine to take away. These items are available at full menu prices until 11:00 pm daily or the close of business which ever comes first.

Do you do deliveries?

We offer a small takeout friendly menu. We do not deliver.

Are you open on Christmas/Easter, etc.?

We are open most Spring through Summer holidays. Fall and Winter Holidays we are usually closed. 

We are closed: Labour, Thanksgiving, Remembrance, Christmas, Boxing and New Year's Days.

Do you have a kids’ menu/ will your restaurant accommodate and make modifications for children?

We are an Adult focused establishment. We do not offer a printed children's menu. We do offer a few healthy items that we prepare just for children and change those from time to time.

Do you have highchairs?

We have a few highchairs and booster seats available. As we are primarily an Adult oriented establishment we do realize from time to time parents are not able to get a sitter and bring their little ones along. Please ensure your children are respectful to the other dining guests in the room.

Parents with children not being supervised. screaming or causing an unnecessary disturbance to other dining guests will be politely and discretely asked to leave the premises.

Can I bring a stroller?

Strollers can be quite cumbersome and take up a lot of additional space in our establishment. We prefer not to have them due to the numerous levels and stairs.